Dr. Yoni Yehuda
An expert therapist with the help of animals, pioneers in the field in Israel and around the world. Founder and Director of Havayot Center

Dr. Yehuda runs the School of Animal Interventional Therapy - Megidd Institute - The Hebrew University and the developer of the "Therapeutic Triangles Model". Psychotherapist, PHD in Psychology, MA in Education, Certified EAGALA with Psychotherapeutic Assistance with Horses.

DDr. Yoni Yehuda - Experience Center - Animal and Horse Care Mentor, Certified Medical Clown, Laughter Yoga Therapist, Certified in Anxiety Treatment - PTSD, SEE FAR CBT. Pet Adaptation Specialist for Family, Individual, Elderly and Young. Bereavement of animals - a pet, in preparation for euthanasia or sudden death.

A place that keeps Shabbat and is accessible to the disabled - a center for animal-assisted care experiencesThe Experience Center operates in an arrangement with the health funds, an authorized supplier of the Ministry of Defense No. 83177086, the National Insurance Institute and the Ministry of Welfare.